Your Computer was Hacked ! - Don't Fall for it.

In recent weeks I have seen more and more clients contact me about this type of eMail



From: DarkWeb TM <[email protected]>

Subject: [SPAM] ###@yourdomain.ca has been hacked! Change your password immediately!



I hаvе vеry bаd nеws for you.
03/08/2018 - on this dаy I hасkеd your OS аnd got full ассеss to your ассount  ###@yourdomain.ca

So, you саn сhаngе thе pаssword, yеs.. But my mаlwаrе intеrсеpts it еvеry timе.

How I mаdе it:
In thе softwаrе of thе routеr, through whiсh you wеnt onlinе, wаs а vulnеrаbility.
I just hасkеd this routеr аnd plасеd my mаliсious сodе on it.
Whеn you wеnt onlinе, my trojаn wаs instаllеd on thе OS of your dеviсе.

Аftеr thаt, I mаdе а full dump of your disk (I hаvе аll your аddrеss book, history of viеwing sitеs, аll filеs, phonе numbеrs аnd аddrеssеs of аll your сontасts).

Hacked Passwords Cause 85% of all Data Breaches !!!!!

100.000.000 Phishing Attacks every day !!!!!

How you will become their next victim and how to prevent it in 6 easy steps.


A while ago I downloaded a new App for renting Bixi Community Bikes in Montreal. As part of this I was asked to sign up for a new account.  So I used my eMail address and my "medium security password" , you know the one I always use cause it is a bit more complex. Sounds familiar?  Well then keep reading and see what happened next.  The app displayed the following message: 

"This password cannot be used as it is associated with your email address and was previously used on another compromised website( not ours). Please use a new password. "

WOW that was a wake up call.  I though I was doing well with my passwords. How wrong I was.   

85% of all data breaches in the world are because somebody somewhere got access to a password and it spiraled out of control from there.  How did that happen and why it will happen to you keep reading. 


Here is how it starts:  You receive a mail from your bank that states:

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